Our mission is to provide standardized Green Team volunteer & vendor training, triple-stream waste management infrastructure and tools, third-party audited compostable and recyclable event supply order guides, triple-stream waste management service referrals, and tiered green event standards and certification by the City & County of Denver for businesses, vendors, events and festivals in Denver.

Our goals are to divert festival and event waste away from landfills, to provide public education, to promote environmental volunteerism, and to reward environmental stewards in business through:

  • Robust, consistent back of house and front of house triple waste stream management at four major festivals serving 750,000 attendees in 2012
  • Third-party audited compostable and recyclable vendor supply order guides
  • Free cardboard & plastic bag recycling to vendors
  • Standardized volunteer & vendor trainings
  • Free triple stream waste receptacles with varied lids
  • Unified signage & receptacles in English & Spanish
  • City & County Certification & Recognition Program for vendors & events through the Department of Environmental Health’s Certifiably Green Denver program
  • Tiered Environmental Criteria for Vendor & Event Certification
  • PR, Communications, & Public Education Support

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